Aluminum Siding Overview

When it comes to choosing siding for your home, one of the most popular choices is aluminum. One of the major benefits to choosing aluminum siding is the low maintenance aspect. In addition, you can choose aluminum siding in long panels, which means installation time and effort is significantly reduced. Then, the baked on enamel is available in flat or shaped textures that look just like real wood.


You will also discover that aluminum siding is an excellent cold and heat insulator, which means a reduction in your monthly energy bill. This material is waterproof and fireproof, two additional advantages over other types of siding. The only real downside to aluminum siding is that when hit by something hard, it can dent. Unfortunately, while other siding material can simply be repaired, aluminum siding would need to be replaced in case of damage.


Now, over time, aluminum siding can begin to show wear and tear. Therefore, maintaining the siding is your best defense to needing replacement. Keep in mind that aluminum siding can be painted. Typically, around three years after installation, you may begin to notice a powdery substance that is seen on your hand when touched. When this happens, it is a good indicator that the aluminum siding must be painted.


One of the most important things to know about aluminum siding is that when you do paint, a particular process should be followed. For this, the siding should be primed but only with a product formulated specifically for this material. Otherwise, you will experience cracking, peeling, and other problems. For replacement, we strongly suggest you purchase a few additional siding panels initially. The reason is that matching color over years can be a serious challenge. Unless you want to paint the entire home, having matching panels, saves you time and money.

As you begin looking at various options, you should definitely check out the seamless siding option. The difference here is that the seal is virtually seamless, which creates a more streamlined and professional installation look. For this, contractors would measure your home, actually cutting the panels used on-site so the exact length is cut. Now, while seamless siding is not available for vinyl or aluminum, it is yet another consideration.

However, if you want a beautiful material on your home, one that will add value, as well as be easy to maintain, provide a protective layer on the home, and not cost a fortune. As you can see, aluminum siding has a long list of benefits, which again, is why this material is such a favorite choice.