Brick Siding Advantages

Brick siding is one of the most popular choices homeowner and business owners choose for a number of reasons. In this article, we wanted to provide you with a list of specific advantages you would enjoy by choosing brick siding. Now, probably the most important aspect of brick siding is the installation, which should always be done by a professional mason. The reason is that specific steps must be taken for brick siding to be installed and if these steps were not followed, all types of problems would arise.

People Like Brick

As far as advantages with brick siding, keep in mind that when it comes to exterior materials, brick definitely offers the highest level of market appeal. Numerous studies have been performed showing that of all siding materials, brick is preferred in more than 60% of cases. Brick siding adds value to the home so if you were to ever sell; you would not only recoup the cost of the siding installation but also make more with it holding its value. Therefore, while you might pay a little more for brick than other siding materials, this investment is worth every cent.

Easy to Maintain

Another huge benefit to going with brick siding has to do with maintenance. This material never needs to be painted or stained, nor does it need to be caulked. Other types of siding wear down over time, which requires replacement of panels or painting but with brick, this is never a problem. Brick siding is also an excellent protective barrier to the structure. For instance, brick will block out moisture, insects, UV rays, and other damaging effects.

Does Not Burn

Then, a huge advantage to choosing brick siding is that it does not burn. Unfortunately, people are killed and homes lost across the country every year due to faulty wiring, burning candles, or a careless smoker. While the interior of the home may be affected, a fire started on the outside of the home is deterred from the brick material. The result in addition to protection of the home is that homeowner's insurance is often reduced, saving you money.

Effective Barrier

Finally, brick siding is an excellent energy efficient barrier. Because brick blocks out the hot sun and cold wind, it keeps the interior of the home at an even temperature. The result is energy bills being lowered so you pay less. The list of advantages associated with brick siding are tremendous as you can see, making this an exceptional value for the money spent. Therefore, if you want to upgrade your home, we strongly suggest you consider brick siding.