Faux Stone Siding

We all know about steel, aluminum, wood, brick, and vinyl siding but another possibility is with faux stone siding. In fact, this type of siding offers a number of excellent advantages over other siding materials. Best of all, faux stone siding is gorgeous, enhancing the look of the home while boosting overall value.

Today, literally millions of homeowners have gone with faux stone, finding that curb appeal is magnified. The manufacturing process for making faux stone siding is highly efficient. In addition, this type of siding is less expensive than other materials while providing more structural strength. However, the difference from faux stone siding and regular stone or other siding materials is that the faux stone is lightweight, meaning it does not pull on the structure.

How Fux Stone is Made

To make faux stone siding, molds are used to create the look of actual stone. Then, lightweight concrete is poured into the molds, along with the desired pigmentation, thus giving the stone its beautiful coloring. As the cement sets, telling the faux stone from a natural stone is impossible. Additionally, faux stone siding is very easy to work with, making it a great material for both the do-it-yourselfer and professional installer.

Sold in Flats

Faux stone siding is sold in flats by the square foot, which is easy to manage. For the corner pieces, these are sold by the lineal foot. Just imagine choosing a siding material that takes little effort to install while making your home stronger. Remember, you want to choose quality faux stone siding, which will provide you with added durability and aesthetics.

Valuable Siding

As you probably already know, the exterior of a home is a huge selling point. Therefore, if you were ever interested in selling your home, the beauty of the faux stone siding would be a huge benefit, giving your home the ultimate in curb appeal. In fact, you will find that the asking price would likely be set higher because of the investment directly linked to the faux stone siding.

Visual Affect

Without doubt, faux stone siding gives a home a strong visual effect. That coupled with the durability of the material and it is easy to understand why so many homeowners are making this choice. You will find that you are prouder of your home while the neighbors sit back with envy. Just as with any siding material, we do suggest that you find a reputable company, one that will provide an excellent guarantee on installation and warranty on the product itself. With so many advantages, we recommend faux stone siding without reservation.