The Best Ways to Choose Home Siding

Many times, the first decision a person will make for siding has to do with color. While color is certainly one consideration and an important one at that, you need to realize that choosing home siding involves many additional factors. Remember, buying siding is an excellent investment but if you do not choose the right type of siding or have the siding installed by a professional, you could end up with serious issues.


For one thing, you need to determine the energy efficiency of the siding, followed by the ease of maintenance. Proper siding and siding installation should create a protective barrier around the home, keeping the outside air outside. In addition, siding should also protect the home from insects and water. Of course, you want the type of siding that will also be easy to clean and maintain so you get the most out of your investment.

Vinyl Siding

If you decide to go with vinyl siding, which is an excellent choice, just remember that not all vinyl sidings are made from a high enough vinyl content. When the siding does not have enough pure vinyl in the mix, you would likely start to experience problems such as cracking, fading, or poor insulation. Therefore, when going with vinyl, you need to talk to the manufacturer to determine the true vinyl content.

Remember, vinyl siding would provide an excellent underlayment that is designed to resist cracking, peeling, fading, waving, and even high winds. The number one benefit to vinyl siding is that when it becomes dull and lifeless, you can simply wash it with soap and water or use a soft-stream power washer. In no time, the vinyl siding will look almost brand new.


You will also need to decide the statement or impression you want your home to give. As an example, if you have a Victorian style home, then you want the exterior to look as authentic as possible. Even if you have siding installed, you want a manufacturer that offers the right colors for this era home. Of course, for a country or rustic style home, wood is always an excellent choice. Then, if the home has a Spanish or Mediterranean design, stucco is a great option.


In addition to the actual siding, try to choose a manufacturer that also offers a number of accessories to complete the overall look of the home. For example, you will find many siding manufacturers that now offer contrasting and matching trim, gutters, soffits, and other gorgeous accents. The bottom line is that you have the entire exterior of the home blending and balancing, making the home beautiful.


Finally, the most important aspect of choosing home siding has to do with the warranty. With siding of any kind being a financial investment, you want a product that is built to last. Keep in mind that the warranty should also provide protection for the installation so that if something were to happen due to inferior work, the siding would be fixed or replaced.