Fiber Cement Overview

If you have been thinking about new siding and love the look of wood but would like something that is not as expensive, you have another option with fiber cement siding. The great thing about fiber cement siding is the look and feel is just like wood but without the disadvantages. For instance, one of the main problems associated with wood siding has to do with insects such as termites. Additionally, real wood can easily be damaged by annoying woodpeckers.


With fiber cement siding, you still have the beautiful appearance but none of the issues that you would have with wood. You will also find fiber cement siding to be stronger, more durable, non-combustible, water resistant, and typically warranted by manufacturers for 50 years. As you can see, the benefits are tremendous, making this type of siding, an excellent value for the money spent.


Fiber cement siding is comprised of cellulose fiber, cement, and sand. Once mixed, the ingredients are cured in an autoclave, which makes the product far more stable and strong. Then for reinforcement, fiber is added to the mix, which eliminates problems with cracking. When you look around at various manufacturers, you will discover that cement fiber siding is sold in 5.25 and 12-inch widths, as well as different thicknesses to include 5.16 and 7.16-inch.

Understand that you will pay more for cement fiber siding than you would with vinyl. However, when compared with wood and stucco, cement fiber is more affordable. Then as mentioned, with fiber cement siding lasting much longer, the price is worth it. As with stucco siding, you can have fiber cement colored, giving you more options based on home style and personal preference. In fact, fiber cement siding colors so well that you would likely be provided with a 25-year warranty or better.

Apply Top Coat

You should have the manufacturer apply a top coat while the fiber cement is being made in the factory. This way, you would not have to have the siding repainted every five years or so. Remember, most wood siding has to be stained or painted on a scheduled basis but with fiber cement, you get the look and feel of wood without the hassle of maintenance.

Fiber cement siding looks beautiful on old or new homes, drastically improving the look of the home while cutting down on maintenance. When looking at your options for siding, you can certainly perform some comparisons so you choose the best option for your needs but we suggest you at least consider fiber cement.