Installation Primer

Many types of siding now going through a primer process before installation starts. This way, the exterior of the walls beneath the siding are protected from moisture, mold, mildew, insects, and so on. Keep in mind that regardless of the home's exterior, it should be primed prior to siding installation for the best results and protection. The exact type of primer will depend on the exterior and the siding chosen.


Again, while all siding types would benefit from primer, wood and fiber cement, which replicates wood benefit most. The reason is that the primer creates a water seal so the wood does not become moldy or mildewed. If done right, the siding will last longer, while maintaining its beautiful appearance and durability.

Primer Types

Typically, the siding manufacturer will recommend or use a particular type of primer but if not, you can check with your local paint company, asking about compatibility. However, to help you get started, we have done some of the research for you, specifically to cedar siding, which is a popular choice. Simply review the following information and use it as your guideline for siding installation primer.

Now, if the cedar wood has a natural or semi-transparent stain on top, then the priming coat should be applied on all surfaces. If the cedar wood siding is painted or has a solid color stain, you want to use an alkyd oil stain-blocking primer, again going over all surfaces. If you cannot find this substance, then you could also go with clear water repellant on the back portion of the siding, while using a standard primer on the edges and face of the siding. Finally, if the cedar siding has a bleached oil coating, all surfaces should be primed with a coat of bleaching oil.

Once you have the primer on prior to the siding installation, you need to plan keeping your siding looking new with ongoing maintenance. Even low maintenance siding needs to be cared for properly to keep it looking great and lasting long. Remember, in addition to siding making your home more beautiful, it also provides a protective barrier against bugs, natural elements, and so on.

Primer Benefits

Properly primed homes with siding will also offer stability to the frame of the home, while providing much better insulation, thus lowering the cost of your monthly energy bills. After having the siding installed, you can keep it looking beautiful by washing it. Just make sure you have all the windows and doors shut, along with vents so water does not seep into the home. Then, you can use a soft-bristle brush attached to your regular garden hose or go with a power washer, although you need to be careful and follow instructions carefully. With the sealant, the siding will dry and the house will look amazing for a long time to come.