Brick Siding Installation

Brick, both natural and veneer, is an excellent material for siding. For brick siding to stick to the wood frame beneath, mortar is used, which is a combination of materials that serve as an adhesive. The key to brick siding looking beautiful and lasting for the life of the home has to do with the installation process.

The most important thing about brick siding installation is that it is not a job for the faint of heart. If not done professionally, you could be faced with some serious challenges and an unsightly finished project. Instead, a skilled mason needs to handle the job to ensure it is done properly, giving you the best in appearance and insulation. This way, your brick siding will last for a long time with little to no problems.


One of the greatest concerns with brick siding has to do with the mortar, which is the mixture that holds it in place. In most cases, brick siding would be placed on top of a wood frame or some other foundation. This means you need to start with a solid foundation on which the siding can be constructed. If the existing foundation is old or not sturdy, it should be replaced or you will find a mess in a short time.


Additionally, it is important that the mason make sure a high quality membrane is installed over the home's existing outside walls. This way, when it rains or snows, or water leaks through the brick, which can happen, it would never come into contact with the underneath foundation. Obviously, if the foundation was wood, water leakage would cause rotting, cracking, and warping, thus creating a problem with the brick siding.

The key here with the membrane is that the mason installs it so it laps over the top portion of the flashing on each window of the home, as well as doors. Then, the mason would also need to ensure the membrane is tucked under the bottom and sides of the window and door for ultimate protection. Unfortunately, much of the new home construction seen today does not include this step, which leads to issues.

Brick Color

When you get ready to purchase the bricks for installation, you can often have the mason mix the mortar with color to complement or match the brick. The overall look of the home would be much different from gray mortar. You should also be involved with the brick choosing process. In other words, rather than the installer telling you a red or brown brick would be used, go with him to look at the brick, thus choosing the exact color you want. This way, you will be far more satisfied with the results.