Siding Preparation

When looking to hire a professional siding installer, you want to make sure this individual or company is fully trained and experienced. Unfortunately, stories of people who have spent significant money on siding only to be completely dissatisfied are heard around the country. One of the most important aspects of siding installation has to do with the prep work. Therefore, we wanted to help educate you on siding preparation so you would know what to expect and questions to ask.

Clear House Perimeter

For one thing, the installer will need an area around the home's perimeter cleaned of things such as lawn chairs, toys, statues, hammocks, planters, grill, and so on. For items that cannot be removed to include an air conditioning unit, window wells, and so on, try to cover these so they have some type of protection. This way, the installer will have a safe and clean area in which to work while your personal items are not accidentally damaged.

Stockpile Equipment

Then, the installer should know to create a stockpile of equipment, materials, and tools needed for the installation job. Otherwise, he would be going back and forth between the work truck or, trailer, actually wasting time. If the installation fee for labor is based on time, you obviously want the installer to be efficient and organized. This way, work will go much smoother and faster, possibly saving you money.

Garage Doors

Additionally, you will need to determine if your garage doors will also have siding installed. Some people will choose to bypass the garage door, which is fine but other people like the entire exterior of the home to look the same, which includes the garage doors. In this case, make sure the installer has quick access to the doors. Even if you were at home, provide him with garage door openers so he can open and shut the doors as needed.


You would also want to be conscientious about the environment in which the installer is working. In most cases, the professional siding installers will bring food and water to a job site but sometimes, they forget. Therefore, if the installer were working out in the heat, offer him water or something else to drink. In addition, if he does not have lunch or plans to work right through, it would certainly be a nice gesture to prepare him a sandwich. You can be sure your kindness will go a long way, making him even more eager to do a great job for you.

Other than these things, not much else is needed. By being aware of the few items listed, you are making the installer's job easier and again, possibly saving yourself some money. A reputable and trained siding installer would know these and other tips for making the most out of the installation.