Vinyl Siding Installation 3

In this third article focused on vinyl siding installation, we wanted to address a couple of miscellaneous issues. For instance, when it comes to tools and equipment needed, you would be working with standard items such as a hammer, fine tooth saw, chalk (for a chalk line), square, and tape measure. Of course, any time you are working with something such as vinyl siding, it is imperative that safety goggles be worn at all times.

Standard Tools

Additionally, a power saw would make cutting the siding far easier. For this, a radial arm or bench saw would be ideal. Now, if you add a power saw to your arsenal, it is critical that if a saw blade is used, it be set up in reverse direction when cutting vinyl. In other words, this should not be used for many other materials such as plywood, wood, and so on - only vinyl. Then, tin snips and a utility knife will make cutting and trimming much easier.

Specialty Tools

In addition to the standard type of tools and equipment mentioned above, you can also work with a few specialty tools to make the process of installation more convenient. In this case, a snap lock punch is great when it comes time to punch lugs in the siding edges, which would go on to be placed at the top of the wall or beneath a window. A nail hole, slot punch is also useful, helping to elongate a nail hem slot. Again, while not mandatory, this tool would make installation easier.

An unlocking tool, which is also referred to as a zip lock tool is great for replacing or completely removing a piece of panel. All you do is insert the curved end of the unlocking tool directly under the end piece of the siding panel, hooking it onto the back lip of the butt lock. For disengaging the lock, you pull down on the tool while sliding it along the length of the panel. Just as tools are needed for vinyl siding installation, you then need to consider various accessories.

For this, you would need both inside and outside corner posts, which provide a nice finished edge. Trim and molding is also needed for your new vinyl siding, giving the finished product a clean and professional appearance. Keep in mind that when you shop around for material for your siding, you will have a nice selection of accessories. For instance, you would likely want to check out F-channels, drip caps, J-channels, or perhaps starter strips. Regardless, using the appropriate tools, equipment, and accessories will produce gorgeous new siding that you can enjoy for years to come.