Tips for Choosing Siding Color

When choosing to paint a home, color options are almost unlimited. Seriously, no matter what color you want, you can either find it or have it created. When deciding on siding for a home, you may not have as many color choices but today, many manufacturers are adding fabulous colors to the list in keeping up with paint. Therefore, in addition to the many benefits associated with siding, you can also choose wonderful colors.

Home Style and Preference

Typically, a person will choose the color of the home based on two primary factors - the style of the home and personal preference. As an example, if you own a Victorian or gingerbread style home, then you could easily get by with unique colors and color combinations. However, if your home were a ranch style, then you might go with more muted tones. Of course, personal preference also comes into play, meaning anyone can choose what he or she like but obviously, even then the bottom line is going with siding that looks nice.

Resale Value

Now, a third consideration when choosing siding color has to do with resell value. In this case, if you were interested in having, the home sided but you plan to move within five years or so, then you should choose a neutral color that would appeal to the majority of buyers. Although you may like blue or green, most people would shy away from bold or bright colors, especially with siding.

As with paint, a home can be repainted without it being too much of an expense. However, siding is a definite investment so you want what will hold its value and even increase the overall selling value of the home. With this, you might choose a nice taupe, tan, white, or even soft yellow. On the other hand, if you plan staying in your home for the next 20 years, then you could choose just about any color you want.

Paint Siding

Keep in mind that some types of siding can be painted to include vinyl and aluminum. For this reason, you could choose to change the color if you wanted. One of the most important things for this scenario is choosing the right type of paint or stain. For instance, you want to use an oil primer and acrylic/urethane coating and then go with a mildew resistant finish.

Adhesion and Penetration

Some types of siding stain also feature emulsa bond, which is an excellent exterior adhesion. The paint or siding should also be breathable and purchased from a reputable company. Many manufacturers of siding paint and finishes will offer a 15-year guarantee. Although certain paints and stains cover differently, a good quality finish would likely cover between 250 and 400 feet per gallon. Remember, excellent adhesion and penetration are important, as well as clean-up.