Siding Industry Trends

Over the years, we have seen a number of changes associated with siding. Some of the current trends are quite fascinating, which has actually helped boost sales across the country. To give you an idea of some of these new trends, we have pulled information together for you. One of the main trends specifically relates to sales of what are called soffit squares.


For instance, vinyl siding and soffit squares measure differently from traditional siding, with one soffit square being the same as 100 feet of siding. In other words, just one soffit square of siding is enough to cover a 10x10-foot area. The number of soffit squares sold over the past few years is staggering, making this an exciting new approach to siding that is becoming more and more popular.

Industry Size

Remember, the siding industry in the United States alone is a $12.4 billion industry and growing. Since siding is becoming more affordable while providing a long-lasting, durable, strong, and aesthetically pleasing solution, it is no wonder sales are skyrocketing. However, we also see changes to include new colors, yet another trend. Sure, you can still purchase neutral colors but just as with house paint, some people want more pizzazz, which is why some siding manufacturers are going out on a limb to oblige.


We also see materials changing. For instance, wood siding has come back into style, giving a home a warm, inviting look and feel. However, unlike earlier options for wood siding, the trends of today are strong materials that are rot and insect resistant. Of course, you can also choose from vinyl, steel, and aluminum but if you were considering having siding added to your home, you may want to look at some of the new trends associated with materials.


We even see trends whereby people living in certain regions are now opting for siding. Remember, some climates were not originally good for siding but again, due to changes and improvements in materials and even installation processes, siding can now be enjoyed around the country and with outstanding results. For instance, people living in strong weather regions have far more options so they too can enjoy the benefits of siding.

Current trend analysis shows that through the year 2010, the siding industry is expected to reach even greater heights in popularity. Because of all the advantages offered with siding, not only are homeowners having it installed, but business owners as well. Finally, you will also see a trend of siding being installed, along with other types of material. For example, a person may choose to have siding installed on the sides and back of the home for protection while stucco is installed on the front exterior of the home for appearance.