Aluminum Siding Maintenance

When it comes to siding options, aluminum is a popular choice since it is virtually maintenance free. Once aluminum siding is installed, if cared for properly, it will look great and last for many years. Typically, this type of siding can be cleaned annually and repainted only when needed. You can usually tell in that the surface of the aluminum siding would experience oxidation, which gives it the appearance of chalk.


Keep in mind that even regular cleaning of aluminum siding will not stop the oxidation process but it can be painted over. When you notice this occurring, the siding would need to first be sanded off using fine-grit sandpaper. Next, metal primer would be applied, followed by painting. For this, you could roll but to keep the look professional, we highly recommend you use a spray painter.


Another benefit to using aluminum siding over other materials is its excellent insulation factor. This means the siding will keep your home more comfortable during both winter and summer months while lowering your monthly utility bill. In addition, aluminum siding does not dent like that of vinyl siding. Of course, accidents do happen and if you find a damaged panel, it can always be removed and replaced.

Ease of Care

As mentioned, the ease of care is one of the things that make aluminum siding, such a great investment. To clean your siding, you can use a standard garden hose but for stubborn dirt, you can rent a pressure washer too. As far as cleaning solution, there is no need to buy expensive products. Instead, mix one third cup of regular laundry soap with six gallons of warm water in a bucket or fill the pressure washer compartment. One warning if you decide to pressure wash aluminum siding. Always use the lowest pressure nozzle in that these machines are powerful and if set too high, could cause damage.

Of course, you want to be prepared when you wash aluminum siding. Since you will be working with water, be sure you turn electricity off to the outside, thus eliminating any risk of shock or electrocution. You should also move lawnmowers, furniture, cars, or anything else that might be an obstruction. Windows should be closed tight, as well as doors. To clean your aluminum siding, simply start spraying from the top, allowing dirt and grim to wash downward. When finished, your aluminum siding will look brand new.