Wood Siding Repair

Although wood siding is a wonderful choice for the exterior of your home, and wood typically withstands much abuse, it can become damaged. One of the primary problems seen with wood siding has to do with rot. Over time, wood wears down, especially if it is a low grade wood. If you find you have a shallow or small area of wood rot, you can repair it. The goal is to cut away a portion of the wood siding so it is long enough to reach between the adjacent studs. Then, a short piece of new siding would be installed.

Clear Damage

For the damaged area of the siding, you want to clean away any paint and primer. Using a crowbar, any nails in the damaged area should be removed. Now, be careful when using this or other sharp tools so you do not accidentally damage other areas of the siding. For instance, you could place the flat blade of a putty knife underneath the crowbar, thus protecting the wood's surface.

Make Cuts

Next, you want to make a series of shallow cuts, which can be done with a small or handheld circular saw. Typically, a cordless option with a five and one-half inch blade works well. To weaken the wood that you need to carve out, you can make parallel cuts. You would then use a chisel to begin chipping away at the thin pieces of wood remaining after the series of cuts. Depending on the type of wood, you may need to put a little bit of physical effort into this portion of the repair process.

Now, if you have a Dremel tool with a base plate, you will find the process of cutting to an exact depth easy. Set the depth of the cuts, making vertical cuts going along the layout lines. Then using the sharp chisel again, you would clean out the bottom portion of any wood left behind. Once done, you would see the exposed board. A new piece of wood siding would be cut to fit into the cut out hole, using special adhesive to hold it into place.


Once any damage to the wood siding is repaired, you want to make sure you use a clear, silicone sealant to provide an extra layer of protection. Then, simply use matching paint or stain to that of the rest of the siding on the new area. Most often, repairs to wood siding are not overly difficult although they make take a little time. By keeping your siding sealed and cleaned, it will provide you with years and years of beauty to your home and enjoyment. Just remember that different wood sometimes needs to be treated with different types of products so always check with the manufacturer of your siding or your local lumberyard.