Choosing Multi-Colored Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is one of the top choices for a number of reasons. For one thing, vinyl siding looks great but in addition, this type of siding is strong, durable, it can be painted, and it is long lasting, and requires little maintenance. Although you could go with a number of options for siding, vinyl is without exception an excellent solution.

Color Options

Today, we see a number of manufacturers expanding color options as demand increases. Years ago, you could only purchase vinyl siding in very specific color choices but now, this has changed. Interestingly, many people will choose a solid color for their vinyl siding simply because they do not know they have other options.


One of the new offerings for vinyl siding is called multi-color. With this, your vinyl siding would look like real wood, at least from a distance. Now, if you were to stand up close to the house, you would be able to tell the difference but as far as curb appeal, it works. Typically, multi-colored siding includes a variety of light greens, grays, and browns, resembling that of real wood.


One of the benefits to multi-colored siding is that the colors are woven into every part of the siding. Therefore, cleaning your siding on a scheduled basis will not affect the look whatsoever. Each panel or plank has pigments of color that are applied in a special way to create the multi-colors. One drawback to traditional single color vinyl siding is the problem of fading although some good solutions are now being offered.

For some reason, manufacturers of multi-colored siding will often tell a person that this type of material is more expensive than the single color. In truth, the difference in price is no big deal. Therefore, if you love the look of natural wood but dread the problems that come along with it, you might consider going with multi-colored vinyl siding.


Typically, you can find a manufacturer of this type of vinyl siding where you live. For starters, check with building and construction wholesalers, which often have this material on hand. Then of course, you can also check your local yellow pages, as well as conduct a search on any search engine such as To get you started, we have provided you with a list of some companies that handle multi-colored siding.

  • Alcoa Building Products
  • Certainteed Siding
  • Crane Performance Siding
  • Georgia Pacific
  • Gentek Building Products
  • Owens Corning
  • Wolverine Siding