Choosing Vinyl Solid Core Siding

Over the years, siding has changed in many ways. For starters, siding now comes in new colors and textures. Additionally, new installation methods have been developed. Now, the market is offering consumers a new type of vinyl siding known as solid core. While some people have shown skepticism, the truth is that solid core vinyl siding is a great option.

Realistic Look

Solid core vinyl siding is indeed revolutionary. The look is incredibly realistic, looking exact like real wood siding. The way this is achieved is by the elimination of curl and bow characteristics seen in standard vinyl siding. Making it even more realistic is the fact that the depth has been increased. The result of this is the creation of a shadow line, which overlaps giving the siding a deeper appearance.


A common problem associated with regular vinyl siding, as well as other siding materials is the rattle, which is caused from the siding being hollow. With the solid core vinyl siding being solid, this type of rattle is alleviated. You will also discover that solid core siding is much more energy efficient, overall saving you money on your monthly utility bills.


What makes solid core vinyl siding so fascinating is that it was designed and manufactured by the same company that developed the original vinyl siding. This company, Crane Plastics, Inc, is located in Ohio. The new solid core siding is known as CraneBoard, an excellent siding solution for homes regardless of geographic location.

Polar Wall Plus

Solid core vinyl siding was first introduced into the market in 2001 and soon, other manufacturers were scrambling to get into the action. For instance, Norandex was the first company that followed in Crane's footsteps with a solid core siding called Polar Wall Plus. While good, it is hard to beat the manufacturer with the history and expertise.

Price Differential

Although vinyl siding is still an excellent choice, solid core siding is much better. Interestingly, while there is an increase in price, it is not that much. Therefore, just consider the solid core vinyl siding as an investment, which it is. Your home will look even more beautiful while having better protection. Because wind, rain, snow, insects, and other things from the outside cannot get through, you have a more comfortable home in which to live and enjoy.