Wood Siding Maintenance

If you have wood siding, you will need to maintain it to some degree to ensure it lasts while retaining its natural beauty. The good thing about wood siding is that it usually requires little care. After all, wood species used for exterior siding are chosen for their strong characteristics in resisting insects, rot, decay, and so on. However, even the highest grade of wood siding needs to be maintained.


Other types of siding to include both aluminum and vinyl can be hosed off with a garden hose or power washer, using a mix of mild laundry soap and water. However, wood siding needs to be cared for slightly differently. When wood siding is installed, it should be sealed and then treated every four to six years. For instance, if you live in the mountains or in dry climates, you would likely treat is more often. When it comes to maintaining siding and protecting your home this is your first line of defense.


You also want to pay attention to your siding. This involves inspecting the wood every month or two for loose boards, holes, and cracks. In this case, insects and moisture can seep in, causing not only damage to the wood siding but also to the underneath boards. If you notice any of these problems, you want to have them fixed immediately. Sometimes, the repair is only a matter of patching while other times, it means replacing the entire board.

Use Help

Now, if you plan to do the repair work yourself, we suggest you work with a friend in that wood is much heavier and awkward than it might appear. The key to maintaining healthy wood siding is to look for specific clues to problems. For instance, any overgrown trees should be trimmed back and never allow ivy or other climbing plants to climb. In addition, you can avoid problems with termites or rot by pushing dirt around the foundation so it slopes away from the house without touching the siding. A few simple steps can save you tremendous effort and time when it comes to wood siding.